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Take a look at how others are doing it and create a similar profile. Write and record a video about yourself. Share what you’d like to convey to potential employers. A simple, unedited video will suffice.

*Format your profile nicely and concisely. We’ll review your profile, and if it fits our criteria, we’ll add it to the listing. Your profile should be formatted in the English language.

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How Cuberfy works

1. Create your profile and record a video presentation.

Design your profile thoughtfully and beautifully. Record a video in the correct format following the examples on the website and see how others describe themselves.

2. Go through the verification process and get listed.

We will review your profile within one working day and approve it if everything looks impressive. We care about the quality of our service and are looking for real talents. You can be part of it.

3. Get paid for your work through Cuberfy.

We handle payments in a way that is comfortable for all parties involved. If you work through our platform, you need to register as a self-employed individual in your country.

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Examples and Reviews

Need a specific specialist? Check out reviews of our B2B services. You can contact us directly, and we’ll find the right candidates for you. Learn more on the recruitment page.

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