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How Cuberfy works

1. Parties find each other and negotiate the terms of work.

Specialists seeking long-term employment fill out their profiles for specific positions. The hiring party reviews candidates, selects suitable specialists, and negotiates collaboration terms.

2. Pay Salary through Cuberfy and Receive an Invoice.

You don’t need to worry about the complexities of employment formalities in your jurisdiction. We take care of paying your specialist through our service. The client pays the specialist’s salary by purchasing the service from Cuberfy.

3. Get access to Basecamp and start working.

Get access to the virtual workspace, where parties can exchange text, media messages, and documents. Managers can assign tasks to specialists and monitor the progress of work.

Powered by Basecamp

Examples and Reviews

Need a specific specialist? Check out reviews of our B2B services. You can contact us directly, and we’ll find the right candidates for you. Learn more on the recruitment page.

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One of them has the potential to be your long-term employee or assist you in regular work or specific projects.

And over 100+ specialists and candidates in our talent pool.

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