Hey, I'm Arthur a 23 year old visual designer. I'm currently looking for my first job in London.

Hey, I’m Arthur a 23 year old visual designer from Belgium with a passion for music graphic design and analog photography I’m proud to say that I just graduated the Lucas School of Arts with my master in interaction design During my four years of education had the opportunity to do two different internships My first internship was a fake record a record label with a focus on local hip-hop My second internship was a studio Brussels the national radio station with the biggest online

During both my internships I learned a lot about copywriting and social media. They taught me the importance of the right word at the right time. Thanks to these internships and my education I acquired a lot of different skills. The first one I want to talk about is Photoshop. I love to make artworks for producers, collectives and bands. Next is Illustrator. I mostly use it to make logos and customised fonts. I also really like to work with Premiere Pro. I added all my teasers, after movies and visuals with this software.

Last in the Creative Cloud family is InDesign. I already made different magazines and booklets with this software. I’m currently looking for my first job in London and I strongly believe that my range of skills would be a great addition to your team. Thank you very much for your time.


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