Hi, my name is Mohammad. I possess a great communication skills as I can converse in English fluently or France.

Hi, my name is Mohammad Imam Muthakin being Mohammad Yusuf. I’m 20 years old and currently based in Uttar Jaya. I have finished my foundation study, teaching English as the second language, TASL at UITM, India. And now I am in my semester two of degree, natural in Mass Communication, focusing in Journalism. Now let’s talk about my skills.

I possess a great communication skills as I can converse in English fluently, Atau Bahasa Malaysia or Jepang Ampu, France. On top of that, I love working in a team because I can handle the responsibility, working under pressure and will execute the task flawlessly. I used to be an innovator, so I have developed critical thinking skills, analytical skills, research finding skills, which will be useful for your company and writing stories for your newspaper.

Not only that, I love doing creative works which lead me to master these graphic applications which are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign and many more. During free times, I love to jog and read books. With that being said, I believe I am your perfect candidate for your company and will become a great future employee. Feel free to reach me at my personal email or personal link. Thank you.

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