We are an outsourcing hybrid model of an IT service platform. We provide ready-made and standardized services in the IT sector, such as marketing, design, video promotion, and other areas. We constantly add new services and search for experts in their fields to build long-term partnerships. This allows us to handle almost any task that needs to be done and is available in our catalog. In some cases, we take on complex work. For example, if a client orders a package of services consisting of several microservices, we take on management and bring the complex task to completion.

You can contact us, choose the necessary service in the catalog, and simply place an order, paying for the service like a purchase in an online store. We will receive your order, contact you to clarify key details (usually just a few questions and answers in email correspondence), and start working. After that, we will inform you of the readiness of the work.

If you cannot find the necessary service in the catalog, you can contact us with an individual request. In some cases, we can find the right combination for you and implement your idea.

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