For Customers:

  1. You can hire a vendor (employee, freelancer, performer, specialist, and others) for long-term work or purchase a service. To get started, contact the vendor and agree on all the details of the upcoming work.
  2. If the proposed payment from the customer does not suit you, you can suggest your own rate or monthly fee. Afterward, you can make an upfront payment and commence the work. You pay the full cost of the work (100% prepayment) through purchasing the service. We can monitor the quality of work and act as an arbitrator in case of disputes between parties. When paying through Cuberfy, we process payments as a digital service sales service. You will receive an invoice for the payment from our legal entity, Cuberfy Ltd.
  3. If you want to gain dedicated access to the Basecamp remote work system, please email us at and make the request from the email address associated with your account. We will grant access within 1 working day.
  4. If you prefer to work without using our Basecamp remote work system, in such a case, we only act as a payment processor but disclaim any responsibility related to order non-fulfillment.
  5. If you wish to work directly with the vendor (without payment through Cuberfy), in that case, Cuberfy acts solely as an advertising platform and bears no responsibility.

For Vendors (freelancers, performers, specialists and others) :

If you are a specialist seeking remote work:

  1. We process payments and retain 20%. Your payment will be transferred to your bank account within 30 working days from the date of payment by the customer.
  2. You must be registered as self-employed in your country and have a bank or payment system account where you can receive IBAN / SWIFT details.
  3. If the customer proposes a different payment amount during your communication, and you agree to it, you will need to update the amount in your profile and inform the customer. Afterward, the customer can make the payment, and you can start working.
  4. If you want to work with the customer directly (without involving Cuberfy), you are free to do so. In this case, Cuberfy acts as an advertising platform. We cannot control the processes on your side or access the work history; thus, we disclaim any responsibility for any issues.

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