The Cuberfy website functions as a platform where experts (participants, service providers, developers, marketers, teachers and others, who possess expertise and professionalism in their field) can offer their services by registering under the appropriate section.

Rules and regulations for experts include: 

  • Each expert creates and arranges their services. Each service is described as accurately as possible. For example, if an expert teaches English and creates a course of 10 lessons, the description of such a service should be about a specific course of 10 lessons. The cost is indicated for a full course of 10 lessons. If, for example, you are engaged in website development – describe as accurately as possible what will be included in the expected cost and what your client will receive in the end, how many revisions will be possible, within what time frame the order will be ready, and other details. During the registration of the service, you will intuitively understand what exactly and how to fill out. 
  • Cuberfy is an online microservices platform, and all classes or services take place online. For example, if you teach English, you create your own office on Zoom (or another platform) and provide a link to your client, or conduct classes through other online communication methods such as Skype or Google Meet. If you are a developer, marketer, or any other specialist in a similar field – before receiving the order, you must use the Cuberfy platform and its messaging system. During the work, you can communicate with the client in any other convenient way.
  • Upon receipt of the order and payment, you will receive a notification of the received appeal to the email specified during registration. You will also see such a notification in your personal account. You must contact the client on time and independently via messages on the site (via the admin panel) and agree on the details of the classes or services (provide a link to the classes, agree on the time and day with the client or or respond within a few hours to a customer’s request on any other services.). 
  • Sections will automatically appear in the admin panel of the site. For example, when the first order appears, the “orders” tab will appear and all other sections will appear as new requests are received. 
  • Cuberfy service withholds 30% from each order. You can request the payment of your earnings by clicking the Dashboard > Request a Payout button (the button will appear when the account balance is above zero). At the moment, we make payments through bank details and the PayPal system. When making a payment, you need to write the required details or email, under which your PayPal account is registered. Payments are made within 10 working days after the creation of the application. 
  • In some cases, the client may request a refund. In such cases, we analyze each case on an individual basis and resolve disputes depending on the situation. There are situations when the service may request verification data of the parties in cases of applicable rules and legislation. 

At the moment, we are recruiting experts in a limited mode, partially checking expertise. In the future, we will open access for mass registrations. If you have registered but your profile or listing has not yet been confirmed, please wait a while or write to support at the specified email address on the site. 

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