I help health-conscious women, age 25-55 heal their gut, improve body confidence with my 6-step nutrition & mindset method

As a certified nutrition coach and undergrad nutritional therapist, I support women, age 25-55 to optimise their nutrition and reach their weight management and gut health goals. Through a balanced approach that empowers them to make healthy choices every day. 

My area of passion and expertise is gut health, finding balance in a healthy lifestyle and supporting women to become the healthiest most confident version of them!

Nourish & Thrive – 1:1 programme:
✅ 12 week minimum programme
✅ 1 hour deep dive consultation
✅ Personalised digital guide (your blueprint to success)
✅ Bi-weekly 30min consultations for progress review, education, mindset strategies
✅ DAILY accountability check-ins 

A client example – Lisa Cousins: 
“Without Harriet’s help and guidance I’m not sure where I would be today, we all need someone to look out for us regardless of our age and life experiences and Harriet has been my someone. Harriet’s immense knowledge of Nutrition and Wellbeing has turned my life around”

What I helped Lisa to achieve:
* lose 11lbs in 3 months
* overcome gut-related issues using intermittent fasting methods and a process of elimination of certain foods
* prioritise her mindset, mental health and self care
* increase in overall macro, micronutrient and water intake
* take part in regular activity (3 x workouts a week + 2 long walks and a sustainable step count)

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