Nutrition and Health counselling to regain your energy and health, and achieve your fitness goals.


My name is Steve and my specialty is health and wellness. I have years of experience coaching a wide variety of clients; from high level athletes, to overweight individuals, to kids, and those with serious diseases such as CVD, cancer, and diabetes.

My philosophy when it comes to wellness is a holistic and functional approach involving four pillars: proper sleep hygiene, stress management, physical exercise, and a healthy diet. I believe all four of these pillars need to be addressed for effective health and wellness coaching. To this point, I am a nutritional scientist, I am a certified yoga teacher as well as a high-level athlete (tennis), I am also a strong proponent and practitioner of meditation for stress management, and I am well educated on proper sleep routines and habits to match our natural circadian rhythm. I enjoy self-experimenting with new techniques, diets, fasting, and supplements, and perfecting my own routines in order to draw on these experiences to find the best solution for each unique client.

I hope to use my experience, education and knowledge to help as many people as I can regain their energy, positivity, and pride in themselves. Nutrition and health can be extremely overwhelming, but my approach is to make small changes that seamlessly fit in to your unique lifestyle so that they become habit without you ever noticing. I have seen how these small changes can make a big difference, and I will do my best to work with you to find the best solution for your goals.

We will have an initial longer consultation where we can get to know each other and for me to understand your goals, and then weekly or bi-weekly shorter sessions after that.

Let’s have a chat and discuss and see if we are a good fit 😊.

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