Promotion of your candidacy for the position of Recruitment Specialist and HR Manager.

Promotion of your candidacy for the position of Recruitment Specialist and HR Manager.

Within this service, we provide promotion and marketing of your candidacy to various international recruiting companies that specialize in personnel recruitment for companies in the UK, the European Union, and other countries.

  • We will conduct a mass distribution of your candidacy and recommend you. This service is designed for candidates who send their resumes to different companies but receive no response due to recruiters receiving thousands of job applications from other candidates, and your application simply gets lost in the queue.
  • We conduct direct outreach to company managers and private recruiters actively seeking candidates, thereby increasing the chances that you will be noticed and invited for an online meeting.

You can free up your time and avoid the fruitless effort of distributing your resume by entrusting this process to us.

We will need you to provide a video presentation. You will need to register your profile on our website, fill in all the fields, and record a video about yourself. Your video and profile are our tools that allow us to present you advantageously, unlike hundreds of other candidates who send standard CVs to various companies.

After completing your profile, you will be listed on the platform. Companies receiving your candidacy through our distribution and other companies and recruiters actively searching for candidates on the site can contact you.

Within this service, we will distribute to hundreds of companies and private recruiters from our partner database. The distribution will be carried out gradually over 30 days from the date of service initiation to avoid overwhelming recruitment specialists and to create a time gap for more organized communication with you.

To get started, please register on our website and create your profile. After that, sign up for the service on this page, and in the additional field (during the payment form completion), paste the link to your listing.

* It is crucial to understand that this is not an employment service, and the consideration of your candidacy depends on market demand, your specialization, experience, the quality of your profile, and other factors. We cannot guarantee your employment, but we will do everything possible to generate interest in your candidacy among recruiting specialists and company directors.

If you have any questions, contact us through the website chat (don’t forget to provide your email address) or email us at the address specified on the site.

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