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You can be a self-employed individual, a trainer, artist, freelancer, or another expert in your field. Create your page, share your link with clients, and receive payments. Additionally, you can get orders through our platform.

* The entry ticket and main criterion are to create a short video about yourself and share your story. For example, you can offer a service for designing social media graphics and talk about it. Maybe you’re a fitness trainer? Then set up your online consultation and fix the cost. You can offer various services. After that, promote yourself and provide your clients with a link for convenient card payments.

For whom is Cuberfy?

For employees, influencers, and freelancers

Are you a remote professional in IT, marketing, management, working for yourself? You need a page to easily convey information to clients and receive payments? Great, this service is for you.

For teachers, experts, and instructors

Are you a teacher of drawing, music, or foreign languages? Formalize your service, tell potential clients what you teach, set a fixed cost, and share the link.

For coaches, trainers, mentors, and advisors

Are you an online fitness or personal development coach? Create your page, set a cost, e.g., per hour of service. Get your link and forward it to your clients for payment.

Examples and Reviews

Take a look at these examples to see how our service works.

How Cuberfy works?

Create your profile and use your page.

Record a presentation video and talk about your service. Don’t forget to write detailed conditions for performing the service. Share your link with existing clients or receive orders on Cuberfy.

Receive payments from clients worldwide*

Your clients can pay for your service with a card and receive an invoice for the specified service. We pay your earnings within 30 days to your bank account, withholding 20%.

We transfer your earnings to bank accounts worldwide, excluding sanctioned countries.

Fet new clients in addition to existing ones.

We will promote your page through our partner social networks. Perhaps someone will be interested in your services. We promote the Cuberfy platform on Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and other social networks.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

For whom is this service?

This service is for professionals and experts in their field who need a page to share a link to their services or advertise on social networks. Your clients can follow your link, read information about your services, watch a presentation video, and make payment with a bank card.

Is it possible to find orders on the Cuberfy platform?

Yes, we actively promote our project, and potential clients visit the site, choosing and purchasing your services. While our main focus is on creating personal pages with services and payment options, we also operate as an open platform to enable our users to receive orders for their services.

Is it mandatory to record a video about myself?

Yes, that is the format of our platform. Your video allows us to promote you on social networks within the platform’s activity. Participant video presentations set us apart from other services and significantly increase conversion to orders for you. As people prefer working with individuals rather than services, a live video where you talk about your services is a powerful marketing tool primarily for you.

How to share your link with your clients?

It’s straightforward. When you create your listing and profile, you can copy the link from your browser for a specific service or profile and send this link in a private message to your client or share it on your social networks.

How much does this service cost, and when will I receive money?

We charge 20% of all transactions, so we recommend factoring in this cost and including a small additional amount in the pricing of your services. We transfer your earnings within 30 days to your bank account. Your earnings will be displayed in your account when you sell your first service.

Is KYC (Know Your Customer) required?

Yes, as a payment operator, we are legally obliged to verify users. KYC is conducted by participants before requesting fund withdrawals. Don’t worry; it will only take 4 minutes of your time.

In which countries can’t we make payments due to sanctions?

Unfortunately, due to various situations worldwide, we cannot make payments to all countries at the moment. However, we are working to ensure that everyone on the planet can use our service and promote their activities during these challenging times.

Here is the current list of countries we cannot work with: Belarus, North Korea, Iran, Libya, Myanmar, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Zimbabwe.

Why do your clients need our service?

It’s very convenient for clients. They simply need to follow your link and click the payment button. This significantly increases your conversion to orders because clients don’t have to make bank transfers to your account in any country worldwide. Additionally, many clients, such as small businesses and sole proprietors, need to pay invoices on behalf of their companies and receive invoices for purchased services for their accounting.

For instance, when an entrepreneur orders a service from a blogger for advertising integration, these individuals often cannot pay the invoice on behalf of their company if the blogger is not registered as a sole proprietor because the client cannot obtain an official invoice. We solve this problem. The service provider sells the service and receives money, while the client can pay the company’s invoice by card and receive an invoice from our service.

Who can register their profile to sell services?

As a service, we strive to be useful to all sides. For example, if you are a freelancer and develop websites, you can offer a website creation service, set a fixed price for the service. If you are an online fitness trainer, you can sell, for example, a nutrition plan development service. If you are an influencer, you can sell advertising integration on your channel. If you teach children to draw, you can offer a teaching service. And so on. If you are a remote worker, for example, a remote assistant, you can create a service with a monthly cost (akin to a salary) and work with your clients as an outsourced employee. There are almost no limitations.

Become a Cuber

Join us, add yourself to the listing, and advance with us. Create your profile, formalize one or several services. Promote your profile page or individual service. Simply copy the link and share it with your client.

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