Manage stress, beat burnout & regain energy, confidence, focus, motivation, & life balance so you can reach your personal & professional life goals.

You’re ambitious and a high achiever but you’re overworked,
you prioritised work but have lost your drive and motivation,
you find it hard to say ‘no’ and now you’re time-poor and stretched too thin,
you feel like you should always ‘be busy’ because you have terrible guilt for resting, and think it’s a waste of time or you’re being lazy,
you can’t ‘switch off’ and it’s finally draining you,
you have a lack of self-compassion and are always doubting yourself,
you had interests and fun in your life but now it’s just pressures and demands,
you’re in a high-stress environment and at serious risk of burnout (maybe again) but feel out of control and don’t know where to begin with all the confusion.

What are all of the effects of this?

Sleeping badly, rollercoaster energy, being sad, emotionally and physically exhausted and drained, leaning on quick fixes, pushing even harder, ill health, and feeling like a failure or that you’re not good enough.

You’re asking yourself, ‘Am I broken?’ or ‘Why does this keep happening?’ or ‘I’ve lost my way’.

I know you can’t see a way out of this lifestyle… but there is a way, and there is hope, and you’ve already taken the first step.

So if you’re currently Burnt out or on the way there, then I want to tell you that it does not mean ‘you’re broken’ or have ‘failed’, it means that you are in a set of circumstances that aren’t right for you and that maybe some habits or traits of yours also weren’t working for you.

The good news is, that there are things you can do to get better and lead a different and healthier way of life.

So, if you’re ready to:

Confidently put your needs first (without the guilt),
Prioritise what’s important in your life,
Learn how to recognise and address your stressors,
Learn how to listen to your inner voice and physical needs,
Learn powerful energy and time management skills,
Live a more mindful and life,
Discover your unique strengths,
Live a more fulfilling work-life balance that adapts to changes,
Detach your self-worth solely from your achievements,
Build healthier habits and routines,
Become comfortable with boundaries,
Easily incorporate the right self-care into your schedule,
And come off and stay off the burnout path,

Then let’s chat.

Coaching with Bianca:

Through my 1:1 online coaching, I help empower busy professionals to manage stress, beat burnout, regain energy, confidence, focus, motivation, and life balance so you can reach your personal and professional life goals.

You’ll clear away confusion, find clarity, and discover new paths.

This is a journey of self-discovery, improvement, and transformation that’ll shine a light on what you’re willing to commit to, what serves you, and what’s truly important to you.

All of this happens within a creative, supportive, safe space free from judgment.

So if you’re:

Ready to work with a professional who truly understands what you’re going through,
Wanting to learn other ways to live, aside from ‘the hustle culture’,
Realising that success does not have to include burnout,
Seeing that your health can’t take much more of this,

Then now is the time to reach out.
Here’s how:

1. Book a Discovery Call or even apply for a Complimentary Coaching Session of 45 minutes to truly feel and see the power of coaching and what we could achieve.
2. Listen to my client’s kind words here:
3. Or come and see more of my work on Instagram or Linkedin.

Are you ready to go from surviving, to truly thriving? Then let’s go!

Bianca x

A Little Bit About Me:

I’ve truly been through what you’re going through now…

I had a dream job as a freelance photo editor in the UK’s best women’s glossy magazines, and I lived in the buzzy city of London… I ticked all the boxes and had a glittering life, but at 30 my life collapsed around me.

After years of blurred work-life balance, high levels of stress, pushing myself too hard, people-pleasing, overthinking, and destructive behaviour, my mind, body, and spirit, couldn’t cope anymore. I had ignored all the warning signs and completely burnt out.

I tried for a year to keep up my fast-paced rhythm, but I became more confused and just sank deeper into burnout and failing health. I was overwhelmed, lonely, and felt like a failure. I desperately wanted a quick fix to, but I didn’t have any answers.

I finally accepted that I needed to make changes in my life, inside and out. So I started by moving to Spain to be closer to my family. I focused my energy on the best choices for my well-being; my health became number 1 in my decision-making.

It was such a struggle and an incredibly slow journey, but I built a solid new life, health, and mindset. I met my husband, Miguel, had my little boy, got a sausage dog, and now lead a very different live in Seville, Spain.

I then trained as a Life Coach, Stress Management and Burnout Coach, and Wellness for Coaching, within the ICF.

And now I thank my blessings I’ve been through everything I have, no matter how painful it was, because now I’m truly helping others on such deep levels. Helping them to lead such powerful, creative, and intuitive lives.

I’m very excited to start this journey with you. x

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