Self taught Virtual Assistant, Office administration in: Web Automations , QA and Data Entry

I’m a versatile virtual assistant proficient in streamlining operations through web automation tools like MailChimp, Dabsabo, Suite Dash, and Wix while excelling in social media engagement on platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram, tailoring content with specific hashtags and client preferences. My skills extend to crafting custom forms using Airtable for optimized data collection and efficient organization. I efficiently manage corporate events using Calendly and Twitter, ensuring proactive oversight for annual processes. Additionally, I excel in comprehensive research for website optimization, managing data in Google Drive and Excel, and maintaining website integrity through daily content moderation. My expertise includes engaging potential financial clients via email communication, proficiency in administrative tasks, and collaborating with developers to resolve website glitches using Jira, consistently delivering valuable insights to enhance development processes across various domains.

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