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We will find the right specialist for you, launch a candidate selection system, pick the top 5% of all applicants, and provide you with their contact details.

*Prices are indicated for specialist selection. The monthly salary of the specialist may vary.

How Cuberfy works

1. We search for and provide remote employees to meet your needs.

Once we receive your submission and prepayment, we conduct a fast selection process from our talent pool and then offer a candidate for a short trial period.

2. We offer a virtual workspace for seamless communication.

With access to our management system, you can collaborate with your employee efficiently. Share text, documents, media files, and more.

3. You can easily pay your remote specialist’s fee through Cuberfy.

There’s no need to hire the employee directly into your company. We offer a payment option where you can easily pay their monthly salary using your credit card through our service.

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Examples and Reviews

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Latest candidates

One of them has the potential to be your long-term employee or assist you in regular work or specific projects.

And over 100+ specialists and candidates in our talent pool.

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Important to Note: Only about 10% of candidates pass the selection process. Please be patient and wait for a response. We will contact suitable candidates.

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